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Access Images provides advanced technology solutions to enable more effective management of marketing and merchandising programs across multi-channel media. Specializing in customized apps and web portal program development, and supported by easy-to-manage data analytics programs on the back-end, Access Images is the leader in creative technology management. Our primary focus is to help our clients deploy the best cloud-based programming tools to create innovative interactive marketing programs driven by flawlessly designed apps and easy-to-use interfaces for their target audience.

Family Guy's "Stewie" Mobile Marketing CampaignAccess Images specializes in assisting brand managers, marketing communications teams and their agencies— define the optimal interactive creative media strategy, integrate the best available technology, and track user response and results based on metrics that are keyed to their specific goals and objectives.

Every project is driven by a simple and easy-to use front-end user interface. And what we put “under the hood” to run it all incorporates a sophisticated, customized, back-end analytics system featuring our Access Images Analytics (AIA) program, enabling the most accurate and detailed measurement of every campaign. AIA provides all the information needed to fully measure, assess and understand when, where and how the target audience is engaging with any mobile interactive or cross-media program, ensuring the highest possible conversion rates, repeat customers, and increased ROI.

Access Images’ team of graphic and media technology experts also design, build, manage and support FLM’s client-partners who use our customized web-to-print, media program management, and digital asset management portal systems. In addition, AI offers virtual media programming that goes beyond print media by deploying new media and immersive technologies such as augmented reality, near-field communications, and motion graphics.

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